About Us



We are a women-owned small business that sells handmade clothing, jewelry, crystals and meditation accessories that are mostly hand-made by local women artists of Nepal, India, and Thailand. These handmade items are hand-picked by our team at Karma Nepal Crafts to ensure quality and craftsmanship, colors and designs that adorn and inspire you.

  • We are really invested in bringing you quality and customer service at an affordable price and we back up this claim with our Fast, Free Shipping and Free Returns policy.
  • This is possible because we personally travel to markets in Nepal, India and Thailand, meeting the Makers and their families in the very farms where they grow cotton or the small corner of their homes where they craftily carve statues or shape beautiful jewelry. Thanks to your business, we are able to build these relationships, know intimately how stuff gets made and ultimately help support their local economy.
  • Each product has been personally handpicked and made by the local women artists from Nepal, India and Thailand. All these women artists have fled their homes because of domestic violence and all they know is the beautiful crafts that they make. So, by purchasing the products, we are helping them to grow and live life independently.