Natural Crystals & Chakra Healing Stones

We have a complete range of crystal healing products to heal all physical, mental and emotional problems and diseases of users. Our crystal products are designed and charged with reiki healing energy which also helps to create a positive aura.

Our crystal healing products are available in the form of Crystal Figurines, Crystal Spheres, Crystal Massage Wand, Tumble Stones, Raw Crystals, Prosperity Trees & Crystal Bracelets.

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Harem Pants & Trousers

Here at Karma Nepal Crafts, we bring you the amazing collection of Harem Pants ethically handcrafted by women artisans from Nepal, India and Thailand. Our pants are ideal for yoga, meditation, gym, workouts, running or just chilling at your home or at the beach.

Harem Pants are also popularly known as Harem Trousers, Genie Pants, Hippy Pants, Aladdin Pants, Harem Joggers, Elephant Trousers, Buddha Pants, Boho Pants etc. This is great outfit that perfectly loved by our men and women customers.

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Spiritual, Religious & Sacred Products

Here at Karma Nepal Crafts, Spiritual, Religious, Sacred, Ethnic and Wellbeing products have always been at our core and yet something value for our customers online and at our stores in New York, USA.

Over the past several years our customers loved our Statues, Door Locks/Knobs, Handcrafted Boxes, Prayer Flags, Smudging Kit, Incense Burner, Incense, Singing Bowls.

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Handmade Jewelry

Here at Karma Nepal Crafts, shop from our assorted collection of handmade jewelry which are sure to dressup any outfit. Upgrade your look with our ethically sourced handcrafted jewelry of various unique styles and designs.

At great prices, shop our whole collection of handmade jewelry to find your next favorite piece of jewelry. We offer Crystal Bracelets, Crystal Necklaces, Neckalces, Pendants, Rings, Mala Beads, Metal Bracelets and Earrings.

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