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Buddhist Sandalwood Prayer bead, 108 pcs Mala beads, Meditation Mala, Prayer Beads Necklace, 8mm Beads, Yoga Gift, Japa Mala Beads

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Handmade in Nepal

Material: Sandalwood

Number of Beads: 108

Size of Bead: 8mm

Mala Beads have been used in Buddhist and Hindu prayer ceremonies and meditation for centuries. These are typically used to aid in counting the number of repetitions of mantras or phrases. There are typically 108 in a string, and there is usually a decorative tassel on the end of the strand, sometimes adorned further with embellishments or amulets.

The meaning of these is deeply symbolic and spiritual, however, this has found a new life being used in meditation and yoga practice for concentration and mindfulness. As there are 108 beads, which is seemingly a random number, several theories exist. Some believe the one represents God, the zero stands for humility, and the eight mirrors the infinity symbol. Others endorse the belief that malas become what is intended by the wearer, and it is these intentions that create energy and synergy.

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