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Handmade Brass Kubera Statue, 2 inch Brass Kubera, BUddhist god of Prosperity, Wealth , abundance, Love, Kubera for Altar, Pocket Statue

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Material: Brass
Length: Approx. 2 inches
Hindu mythology refers Kubera as the god of riches and gold treasures who bestows fortunes and prosperity. In Sanskrit, Kubera means, ‘deformed or monstrous’, indicating his deformities. He was Ravana’s step-brother, who left Lanka after Ravanas’s end and moved to Alakapuri near Kailash. He is revered in all forms of religion in varied forms, Buddhist texts worship Kubera as one of the four heavenly kings associated with four cardinal directions, in Jainism, he is the attendant of Yaksha named as Sarvahana and Vedic texts describe him as a demon or a chief of evil spirits.

Hinduism iconographies Kubera as a dwarf with big belly and a lotus leaf complexion. Sculpted here in a bright yellow-gold brass texture with utmost perfection, Kubera sits with his legs folded on a lotus pedestal and holds a pomegranate in his right hand and a mongoose in his left; adorned extensively in lustrous gold jewels that veil his body magnificently and is garbed in an alluring golden dhoti along with a complementing stole that comes down from his shoulders and wraps around his hands, twirling at the fall.

This embodiment of wealth and glory is carved here in realistic expressions and features with wide open eyes and dense and bushy eyebrows along with a luxuriously engraved unique crown that glorifies his head. Worshipping Lord Kubera is an act of attracting wealth and treasures at your house.

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