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Mahakala Resin Statue, Diety of Protection, Vajrabhairava Tibetan Statue, Protector of Women, Heruka, Mahakala Altar Statue, Bhairav idol

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Handmade in Nepal

Material: Resin

Height: Approx. 4 inches

Width: Approx. 3.5 inch

Mahakala is one of the Hindu dieties found in Buddhist religion. Mahakala represents the ultimate destructive power of the universe and are not bounded by any rules or regulations. They are responsible for annihilating great evils and great demons when other gods fail to do so, he is the defender of the law and is placed at the good position on the entrance doors of Buddhist shrines.

Lord Bhairav/Mahakala is considered to be the incarnation (Avatar) of Lord Shiva. Bhairav has number of different forms. he is Shiva's another from in a terrible position and the most distinctive tantric form of shiva. He is nude, black or dark blue in color, sometimes on white. He has rolling eyes, many arms but usually one head. In his hand s are weapons, skull-cup, a wand with 3 skulls or a noose. He wears a necklace, garland, of skulls and has skulls in his crown. Hi hair is unruly. He may wear sandals and is often standing on a recumbent figure. It is believed that Bhairav is a god of strength, power and protect you and your home from all bad things from your life.

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