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Oval Shaped Lapis Lazuli Crystal

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Materials: Lapis Lazuli
Diameter: Approx 139.7mm
Weight: Approx 6.4oz

Lapis Lazuli has long been one of Humanity's most sought-after stones. Its use dates back thousands of years as a symbol of the heavens, divinity, wisdom, and truth. A powerful crystal for activating the higher mind, enhancing intellectual ability, wisdom, problem-solving, and creativity, Lapis stimulates the desire for knowledge, truth, and understanding, and aids the process of learning. It is excellent for enhancing memory. A Third Eye Chakra opener, Lapis Lazuli connects the physical and celestial kingdoms, providing wisdom into mystical realms, enhancing our psychic abilities, and connection with spiritual guardians. This royal blue stone can be a helpful tool in our spiritual journey.
Lapis Lazuli reminds us of the power of the spoken word as it helps foster full verbal expression. Supportive for those who speak or perform for a living, it also helps those in positions of leadership step into the light and wield their power justly. It is one of the most potent stones to open, heal, and activate the Throat Chakra. A stone of truth, it encourages honesty of the spirit in all forms of communication. It's long been used to attract success, recognition, and fame.

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