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Raw Natural Citrine Druze Cluster

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Materials: Citrine
Height: Approx 0.5 inch
Width: Approx 1.4 inch
Length: Approx 2.7 inch

Weight: 1. Small-Approx 3.07oz
2. Big-Approx 3.09oz

Citrine brings not just prosperity and success for the business or personal powers in career but also has other characteristics which help people know themselves deeply when it comes to self-development. It creates deeper connections within your core to improve self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-trust, get out the negativity inside you, and produces personal power. Citrine produces positive energy that helps your mood become lighter. Like drinking a cold lemonade on a sunny day, it brings refreshments into your body. So if you feel like you're on a low-energy kind of day, this crystal is perfect for you.
It also has the power of transforming negativity into positive energy giving you the calmness of a feeling and balancing your emotions.
Citrine balances emotions and brings joy inside you. It helps you grow emotionally, keeping you more energetic outside. You will feel much confidence inside attracting positive energy to come in. Happiness and light that uplift your spirit are the major powers of citrine. It makes you more certain of your feelings because of its positive vibes flowing inside you. If you know you’re not feeling good emotionally, or it's a dim feeling, you can just look at the crystal and it will make you feel so alive and brighten up your day. Citrine will help your consciousness be certain of your decisions. It encourages you to be delightful and imparts enthusiasm. It helps you out of depression, develops self-expression, and makes you love yourself more as it keeps the value on how you trust yourself even more. It aids emotional issues naturally and gives you the courage to continue especially when you’re not sure what action to take.

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