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Tibetan Tingsha Meditation Bells

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These Tibetan Tingsha/Cymbals are handmade in Nepal

Diameter: Approx. 8.3 cm

Each set may differ slightly since it is handmade

Tingsha is a beautiful vibrational tool to use in a sound bath environment.

Tingsha Bells are also called Tibetan chimes, Tibetan Cymbals, or Kartals. It is made up by joining two small cymbals with the help of a leather strap or chain. Tingsha are two small metal cymbals stuck together to produce a clear and high-pitched tone. Different size tingsha produces different frequencies.

The sound of the meditation bell ( cymbals) promotes a sense of peace and calmness. We can find tingsha bells in various designs, tones, frequency, symbols, etc.

Tingsha bells are handmade by the casting method using 7 metals - Gold, mercury, copper, silver, iron, tin, and lead are seven metals. Every metal used for making the tingsha bell is connected to different planets and days. Gold is connected with Sun and Sunday, silver is connected with the moon and Monday, mercury is connected with Mercury and Tuesday, copper is connected with Venus and Wednesday, iron is connected with Mars and Thursday, tin is connected with Jupiter and Friday, and lead is connected with Saturn and Saturday. They produce strong sound, vibration, and frequency which range above 2000 Hertz/ above. Different tingsha bells are used to produce different sound frequencies for the healing method.

We can use tingsha bells in the yoga class because it helps beginner students settle their mats, practice yoga/meditation, and learn breathing methods of inhaling and exhaling.

They are used during sound healing and meditation because it gives relief and helps to change our mental state.

It can be used in clearing space and Feng Shui because they are mostly used for clearing the auras and are said to fill space.

It is used for maintaining our body frequency to environment frequency for getting positive vibes after producing the echo of it which strikes within the hearts.

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