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Triple Moon Wall Hanging, Wind Chime, Suncatcher, Handmade Chime Bells and Chimes, Witchcraft, Divine Feminine Symbol, Positivity decor

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Handmade in Nepal

Material: Brass

Length: Approx. 9"

The triple moon symbol is one of the most prominent symbols in witchcraft that represents the goddess. It shows the three phases of the moon: waxing, full, and waning portrayed by two opposite crescents and a circle in between.

The energy that the triple moon symbol projects are of the divine feminine, the goddess. It is often associated with intuition, empathy, and nurturing abilities.

The triple moon also represents the three phases of a woman’s life through the maiden, the mother, and the crone.

The maiden in the symbol is a depiction of new beginnings, purity, youth, creativity, and innocence. The maiden or the waxing moon encourages you to open your mind to possibilities and new opportunities. The energy of the maiden directs you back to exploring your spirituality and reconnecting with your true self.

The mother represents fullness, fertility, responsibility, patience, and self-love. Above all the symbols, the mother or the full moon evokes powerful energy that invites you to master receiving and giving love. It is placed at the center of the triple moon symbol for a reason – the mother is the all-encompassing representation of perfect spirituality.

The Crone is represented by the waning moon. It depicts contentment, fulfillment, and wisdom. The last phase of a woman’s life may fade into the blue, but know this: there is no birth without death. There are no beginnings without the abandonment of negativity, loss, grief, jealousy, and sadness. The crone invites you to acknowledge, accept, and die from what does not serve your mind, body, or soul at all.

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