7 Chakra Tuning Fork Set with Individual Chakra Sign Bags and Mallet

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Material: Aluminium

Length of a tuning fork: 7.5" to 8.5"

This Seven Chakra Set Tuning Fork comes with  individual chakra sign bags and a mallet.

Chakra Set:

Root Chakra : 194.18 Hz

Sacral Chakra: 210.42 Hz

Solar Chakra: 126.22 Hz

Heart Chakra: 136.10 Hz

Throat Chakra: 141.27 Hz

Third-Eye Chakra: 221.23 Hz

Crown Chakra: 172.06 Hz

A tuning fork is a tool used to provide a pure tone. It is used as a reference for accurate pitch, and to mark time in quartz digital watches. In appearance, a tuning fork is a two-pronged metal fork that is shaped like a U and extends from a handle. Most people are familiar with the fundamental mode of this device, which is the long-lasting mode used as a standard for pitch.

Tuning forks vibrate at a set frequency after being struck on the heel of the hand and are used for several reasons, including healing with sound.

Sound waves are created when any object vibrates, such as someone singing, playing the guitar, or even a glass smashing on the floor.

When struck, usually with a mallet, on a knee cap, or a hockey puck, the tuning fork tines start vibrating a couple of hundred times per second, thus producing waves that transmit powerful vibrations in the air. These back-and-forth vibrations disturb the air molecules surrounding the tuning fork at great speed, smashing more air molecules that, in the end, hit our eardrums and get processed by our brains as gentle humming sounds.

Why are so many people using our Tuning Forks?

Provides instantaneous, deep state of relaxation
Improves mental clarity and brain functioning
Increases your level of physical energy and mental concentration
Relieves stress by drawing your body into a centered space
Develops and refines your sonic abilities
Enhances massage, acupressure, dreamwork, and meditation
It brings your nervous system into balance
Integrates left and right brain thought patterns

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