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Garnierite Green Moonstone Sphere

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Materials: Green Moonstone Sphere
Diameter: Approx 200.66mm
Weight: Approx 11.0oz

Green Moonstone can also be very useful for you if you experience emotional instability and find it difficult to balance your emotions. Likewise, Green Moonstone has been used for ages to deal with overwhelming feelings that might make you feel extremely emotionally drained. Moreover, this gorgeous gemstone also represents freedom and so it can assist you in breaking free of any emotional or mental chains that have been tying you down in life and preventing you from moving forward. Those people should also try benefitting from the powers of Green Moonstone who easily get stressed under conditions of high pressure since this stone can relieve stress. Similarly, this stone is a great solution to cope with anxiety and can prove to be very useful when you are feeling down and troubled. It can also be very beneficial to keep Green Moonstone with you so if an unpleasant or disturbing situation occurs you can use the calming power of this stone to stay controlled and collected. Furthermore, if you need guidance in life, use the power of Green Moonstone to assist you in learning lessons on meaningful ways to live life.

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