Cotton harem pants
Harem pants are bold. They are disruptive, almost rebellious. They don't fit the mold of your average pants. They don't have an agenda- they are not interested in clinging to your skin to highlight your curves. They make a statement without even trying. They turn heads, make eyes  double take. Because you're not just wearing a pant, you're wearing a harem pant. You're wearing how pants originally came to be 100s of years ago. You're living a rich, ancient history, a history of harems, women who were thrust into a life of service but persevered to build a close, supportive community around each other and practiced art and dance and music.
 Is it any wonder then that harem pants with their flowing and generous seams scream utility and comfort while looking fun, artistic and musical at the same time?
 Here's why harem pants are the best:
  1. Comfort in all seasons- the generous use of fabric makes them flowy and comfortable even on hot, sticky summer days. They're good in winter because they provide coverage to keep you warm.
  2. They come in diverse style and colors- remember they were designed and worn by women who practiced arts and music.
  3. Utility- daily activities are a breeze. Whether you're doing yoga in the morning or running errands or lounging around on a lazy day, you're doing everything with ease and style
  4. They are cool, comfortable and they turn heads!

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